Cal Peters, Squaxin Island Tribe, interviewed in May 2004.

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6 Responses to Cal Peters, Squaxin Island Tribe, interviewed in 2004.

  1. Karen says:

    I miss him so much! A man that loved his tribe, heritage, and was so proud. Was great to watch this, thank you.

  2. Ina Peters says:

    When someone you love leaves his or her earthly body, those left behind often wish you could hear their voice just one more time. Thanks to my sweet daughter-in-law, by posting this video, I have had that opportunity. Thank you so much Marlene. We all loved Cal and respected him.

  3. Ina Peters says:

    When someone you love leaves his or her earthly body behind, those that love them often wish they could hear their loved ones voice just one more time. Thanks to the posting of this video, I have had the opportunity to do just that. It brought tears to my eyes but in a good way. Thank you for the posting. j

  4. Lisa says:

    I miss my grandpa soo much. He is a smart man, with endless stories about our heritage. He taught me that no matter what kind of foul mood I was in in the morning that I be sure to always acknowledge my elders with a hello or a good morning. I still do this to this very day. Good morning to my husband, then I always say good morning to my grandfather Cal peters he is always with me in my pocket because you never know when you might need him to talk to..

  5. Randy Scott says:

    Cal, he was a Tribal leader I looked up to! He was my friend, mentor and a human being that epitomized what it meant to be involved with his Tribe and organizations that involved many Tribes – ATNI – NCAI – NTCA. He knew that you get out of those organizations what you put into them – He put his Tribe into them and the Squaxin Island Tribe benefited from his involvement and leadership. I am proud to have called him Brother! He was to me like my best Uncle – always helpful and guiding my thoughts and actions!

  6. Rick K. Peters says:

    My father was always my hero! For a man to dedicate himself to the benefit of every tribal member around the world. My father had the uncanny personal trait of never losing sight of the personnal goals he set for hisself or goals set by the Squaxin Island Tribal Council A man of his word, dedicating time away from family for the benefit of all tribal members! I was proud to walk up the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Tacoma for the first day of the Boldt trial US v Washington and see the fruitation of those treaty rights brought to the tribal members. Also the Boldt case set a whole new set of rules of engagement in talking to/with the state of Washington. It brought out the sovereity of every tribe in the country – co-manager status in fisheries management and all tribal business. Then 20 years later I walked up the steps of the Federal Courthouse in Seattle for the beginning of the Shellfish case and was there every day to the finish of the court proceddings. I sure miss you, Dad!

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